My Purpose
God works in such mysterious ways to accomplish His Purpose. He will take a sincere and willing heart to make the instrument He desires and needs in His Ministry, even one with a difficult and challenging beginning who lost their Father as a young child. God never fails. He works through all circumstances as long as we give Him the glory. He transformed my weaknesses into strengths.
God has given me strengths in two worlds - in business and music. He has blessed me with upper level opportunities in the business world through several full time and mostly temporary or contract positions. Life has been a constant adventure, wondering where God was placing me next. In every assignment God has granted me, I have been given the opportunity to grow in skill and knowledge. I have offered new ideas when possible. I encourage those who need a listening and attentive ear.
I was blessed with a marriage that enabled my musical talents to grow. And, I continued to grow thereafter. At a time when ecumenicalism was beginning, God expanded my Ministry to circulate in all denominations, sharing God's love and my Ministry with everyone in an effort to unify, bridge divisions between the various churches, and to support and enhance worship in all churches, even the smaller ones. Several wonderful musicians and clergy generously gave their time to educate me in the various aspects of leading worship in the many denominations. So, in return, I want to encourage others who love serving in their church to step forward to learn to sing, to play the organ, piano, hand bells, hand chimes, how to direct, and to discover any other talents God has given them. I also want to encourage the clergy, staff, and congregation to support those who wish to
Purpose Continued

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