My Testimony
It is only by God's grace I live a normal life, developing and using the talents given me. I was born with a a dislocated hip and learned to walk three times before I was five years of age.
I made a promise to God when I found out the possibility my biography could be considered to be published in Marquis "Who's Who in America" that I would share my testimony and the miracle in my life again more freely if I was selected. I shared the details of the miracle with many people when I was very young, because my situation was so obvious. People wanted to know what happened to such a young child. I continued to share it freely until early adulthood. Because my experiences were difficult for some people to hear, I began to discern who was ready to hear and shared only on occasion. God evidently wants my testimony to be heard, since I was selected for "Who's Who in America". Since Marquis allows only 100 words, I have chosen to include a page on my website to provide the details. If you have a moment and so desire, please click below on "Miracle".
God works in such mysterious ways to accomplish His Purpose. I share my Testimony to show if we will only believe, God will take a sincere heart and make the instrument He desires and needs in His Ministry.
My Mother raised me alone after my Father passed away from a congenital heart condition when I was seven. I became interested in Piano and Singing shortly thereafter. Since life had been difficult for us, I chose to pay for my own education, a Business College Degree. Mother provided Piano Lessons and I received my Piano Teaching Certification through St. Louis Institute of Music, in St. Louis, Missouri. I have some concert level training on the Piano.
God has blessed me with opportunities in the business world to work in positions reaching executive level as well as being a Director of an international trading company. I have worked in several full time positions, but mostly temporary or contract.
Testimony Continued

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