The Miracle
I was born with a a dislocated hip before there was a way to correct this condition. A team of Doctors from around the world were trying to find a way to help these babies. Various organizations funded the enormous medical expenses involved in such an experiment. My parents made a tremendous sacrifice during the long road ahead, with no guarantee of success.
My condition was discovered when I learned to walk as an infant. After setting my hips, I spent a year in body casts which were changed every 4-6 weeks, followed with braces and crutches. At three years of age, I had a dream where I experienced total darkness. In the center, I saw something very small that appeared to be getting closer. As it approached, I recognized Jesus in his red robe with his arms outstretched. He stopped and simply said, "Linda, you can walk". I laughed histerically in my sleep. My parents awoke and wanted to know why I was laughing. Being strong Christians, they shared we are hoping I will be able to walk one day, but it was too soon and to go back to sleep. I did and Jesus came to me in the same way in the same night. I laughed again. My parents awoke me with tears in their eyes. I told them Jesus told me again I could walk. They consoled me and encouraged me to go back to sleep. Jesus came to me a third time in the same night in the same way. My Father had taught me how tell to time, so I said to Jesus, "If you say I can walk, then I will do so at a certain time the next morning". I quietly went sound to sleep, not sharing the third dream with my parents.
Miracle Continued

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