Worship Notes

To prepare me to lead worship in your church, I have attached individual questionaires for denominations who routinely have sung liturgy in their worship experience. I have also attached a questionaire for all other denominations who utilize music in other ways in their worship experience.

Please click on the name below that best identifies your church. The questionaire will open as a text file. Please save a copy in your personal directory and answer the questions. You can answer them electronically within the file and send it back to me via email. Or, you can print the questionaire, write your answers, and fax to me. If you are unable to open the text file or prefer a .pdf file, please click on the liturgical symbol above the name that best identifies your church, print, write your answers, and fax to me.

My email address is lhazelip@hal-pc.org. My fax number is (713) 668-7000.

Please take a moment to address each question the best you can and return to me as soon as possible.


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